The lowliest domestic servant: the dish-washer/bottle-washer, night-soil disposer.

Dictionary of Medieval Terms and Phrases. .


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  • Scullion — may refer to:* Scullion, male counterpart to Scullery maid, a servant who performed menial kitchen jobs (washing, cleaning, etc.) in large households during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance *Scullion (group), an Irish folk rock band *Tony… …   Wikipedia

  • Scullion — Scul lion, n. [OF. escouillon (Cot.) a dishclout, apparently for escouvillon, F. [ e]couvillon a swab; cf. also OF. souillon a servant employed for base offices. Cf. {Scovel}.] A servant who cleans pots and kettles, and does other menial services …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • scullion — low ranking domestic servant who performs menial kitchen tasks, late 15c., perhaps from M.Fr. escouillon a swab, cloth, dim. of escouve broom, twig, from L. scopa (pl. scopæ) broom, related to scapus shaft, stem. Or an alteration of O.Fr.… …   Etymology dictionary

  • Scullion — Scul lion (sk[u^]l y[u^]n), n. (Bot.) A scallion. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • scullion — ► NOUN archaic ▪ a servant assigned the most menial kitchen tasks. ORIGIN perhaps influenced by SCULLERY(Cf. ↑scullery) …   English terms dictionary

  • scullion — [skul′yən] n. [LME sculyon < OFr escouillon, mop, cloth < escouve, broom < L scopa, broom, lit., twig, akin to scapus: see SHAFT] Archaic a servant doing the rough, dirty work in a kitchen …   English World dictionary

  • Scullion — This interesting surname of Irish origin with variant spellings Scullion, Scullen, Sculling, etc. is a diminutive of the name Scully, an Anglicized form of the Gaelic O Scolaidhe meaning descendant of the scholar from Scolaidhe , scholar . The O… …   Surnames reference

  • scullion — noun Etymology: Middle English sculioun Date: 15th century a kitchen helper …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • scullion — /skul yeuhn/, n. 1. a kitchen servant who does menial work. 2. a low or contemptible person. [1475 85; perh. < MF escouvillon dishcloth, equiv. to escouve broom ( < L scopa) + illon dim. suffix] * * * …   Universalium

  • scullion — noun Servant of lower class …   Wiktionary

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